The Metropolitan – incubator provides a dynamic location for high tech companies to innovate.

The Incubator is located at the heart of Tirana inside the Metropolitan building, with the soul purpose of transforming and shaping innovative ideas of entrepreneurs into reality

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Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour project consists in creating a virtual Tour for  all places of tourist and visitors interest in our country. Students that will be part of this project should have good knowledge in programming, app, Java.



Game House

This project consists of creating games for Mobile Applications, especially offering marketing service for different companies through mobile interactive gaming.

Measuring apparatus of the air pollutants level

Awareness of every citizen starts when gets the right information. The focus of this project is the reflection in real time on the level of each element that is polluting the air.

Virtual Guide

Virtual guide is the application which explains 5 acts of the National Gallery of Arts in Tirana. It’s an interactive digital instrument that will guide visitors in the halls of the Gallery by interacting with them in real time.

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Metroresearch provides suitable spaces: mentoring, management, consulting

St. "Brigada VIII",Ish-blloku,Tirane.
Telephone: ++355 42 45 28 95-6
E-mail: incubator@umt.edu.al
Phone: ++355 69 60 70 111

Metropolitan Incubator

An Incubator is a company that helps new startup companies to develop by providing services such as management training or office space. Incubators differ from research and technology parks in their dedication to startup and early-stage companies. Metropolitan University of Tirana is the first University in Albania that offers Incubators.


Berat - Festivali Multikulturor

21-22-23 Korrik 2016